I'm always asked a lot about the best acne treatment. My answer is, usually, the same – I do not know. The reason why I tell people that is simple: there is no such thing as "the best cure," because the treatment will always be dependent on your skin condition.

If you have acne, then your goal should not be just curing it, but also make sure that you will not have to suffer from it again. This article will reveal you some basic tips that will set the right foundation for getting a clear skin.

1) Spend some time under the sun. Well, technically, we are always under the sun, but what I mean is – go outside, because the sun kills many bacteria, including acne. But be cautious though: if you spend under the sun longer than 20 minutes, this may lead to tightening, drying and clogging of skin pores.

2) Avoid cold weather. Weird, right? Our body is so fragile that we can not spend a lot of time under the sun, and now we can not even enjoy the cold weather. The reason why cold weather is bad is because it also clogs pores.

The ideal temperature is between 20-30 degrees Celsius.

3) Do not scrub your skin and never use abrasives. Dermatologists say that this can cause skin inflammation, which on its hand is leading to the development of acne bacteria.

4) Take good care of yourself. From the way I see it, personal hygiene is one of the less appreciated things in the world. But do not worry, here are some tips that will help out:

a) Always wash your clothes, body towels, and change your linens. These materials provide the perfect environment for acne bacteria to grow. There are several "cleaning materials" that you can use: vinegar, lime oils, tree oils, etc.

b) Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also something that is important in your battle against acne. Eating fruits and vegetables and exercising will lead to having better health, clearer skin and more energy to tackle everyday problems.

Almost any challenge requires you to readjust, so do not be afraid to make changes in your lifestyle. At one point you will feel that this does not work, and your mind will express the desire to return to your "previous life" – just ignore it!

5) Swimming is also a great way to prevent acne from appearing on your body. Although make sure that you use the ozone purified pool.

Swimming is great for reducing stress – one of the main causes of acne.


Source by Andrii Demianenko

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