Weight Loss Tips To Overcome Holiday Indulgence

Tis the Season! Once again the biggest holiday is upon us and is it just me or does it seem like it creeped up on us very fast this year? I am sure others feel the same stress as I do making sure you do your very best to make it a successful and fun holiday. In doing this, and the hustle and bustle and stress that companies the holidays, we still must be mindful of sticking to our goals and making sure we do not derail our weight loss plan that we have worked so hard to get that far.

I hear this all the time, "it only comes once a year!" That is correct but for those of us dedicated to losing weight and getting fit, we cant use this an excuse. Relatives, cocktail parties, the parcel of chocolates and cookies seem to continue longer and into the New Year.

The trouble comes in our indulgence for a long period of time to these trips. If, however you are currently on the Visalus challenge, you will be ahead of the pack if you can stick to it as close as possible without sacrificing or being miserable. The season is for everyone to enjoy and just because your wanting to drop a few pounds does not mean you cant enjoy the holidays. For this reason I offer these tips and advice to make sure everyone enjoys a happy and healthy holiday season.


Lots of people will say that losing weight during the holidays is impossible but I beg to differ. To those with this mindset, I personally challenge you to join the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. Eat your trees in moderation and have your meal replacement shakes for other meals and you will still drop pounds. My advice is to set smaller goals during these times just because of the uncertainty of your day to day activities but stay on plan and you will lose some weight.


All I mean here is before lining up to fill your plate, survey whats being offered and go for the foods or trees that are usually only offered around this time. This way you satisfy your holiday cravings. Skip things that you could possibly eat any other time of the year. I also like the idea of ​​using a napkin instead of a plate for your hors d'oeuvres. You simply cant put as much on a napkin!


Do not use the cold months as a reason to sit inside. Get out and stay active. If you live up north or in a location to snow, this should not be hard. Snowboarding. skiing, ice skating or other winter sports is a great way to stay active. Hey, volunteer to shovel some snow if needed, this is a workout by itself. I unfortunately live in North Carolina where snow is a surprise so for people like myself, I say its the perfect time to hit the gym.


So do not drink your empty calories. You worked hard to select better food, do not mess that up by downing all the drinks at your parties. Pace yourself and drink in moderation. Wine, beer, eggnog and the list goes on can pack unwanted calories. If you do like to have drinks then try to mix in a glass of water between your drinks or every couple drinks. The only exception to this is of course if your drinking your Visalus meal replacement shakes for weight loss. These are good calories so stay on track!


Avoid going back for seconds. Survey and look for healthy foods and snacks and only fix one plate. Even if it looks like a mound of food, its very likely you will still be consuming less with that one plate than if you went back for seconds!


Fact is, we are already under a little more stress this time of year so lets not add to it by beating yourself up if you cant make a healthy choice all of the time. Yet another reason to join my weight loss challenge. Its simple and easy to do and makes it easier for you to enjoy the holidays because you know you are getting proper nutrition and your metabolism is firing. Needless to say, you will be well ahead of target for the New Year. While everyone else is making the decision to lose weight, you will already be losing weight!

Make sure you enjoy and relax during the holidays. Slowing down for a moment will be better for you than you think.

Source by Robert Grissom

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