Use Tea Tree Oil Against Your Acne Problems


Tea tree oil as acne treatment is considered to be very effective in treating less severe forms of acne. This oil is extracted from a tree known as Melaleuca. This oil is also known as Meleleuca Alternifolia. This product is commonly used to treat many skin problems because of its antifungal qualities. Many beauty products especially face washes contain this oil as one of their basic ingredients.

For the treatment, it is used as a rub-on or applied topically. This oil is claimed to be exclusively used externally. It may not suit some people but generally it has been found very effective and useful.

Various types of bacteria including staphylococcus, eschrichia, shigella sonnei are eliminated by using tea tree oil. Furuncles that appear on skin resembble pimples and are very painful are caused by bacteria Staphylococcus.

The Tea tree oil is a very useful agent and commonly used to treat many bacterial and viral infections. Mouth wash and such products also contain it as a basic ingredient to cure mouth ulcers and other problems.

It has also been used to cure nail infections, oil spots, dandruff, lice, eczema and yeast infections. Although it is found not able to eliminate the acne problem completely like other topical acne creams it can reduce it to some extent.

It is usually suggested to use those face washes that contain Tea tree oil as a main ingredient which not only cleans the skin but also prevent the skin from pimples and other skin problems.

People who have sensitive skin may develop some allergy as a result of its application. In case of redness, irritation or rash on the skin, its use should be immediately stopped. But if the use of tea tree oil is not found to be effective enough, it should be replaced by some other form of acne treatment.


Source by Michael Shephard

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