Tea tree oil, the magical and effective natural remedy for acne works so effectively to treat acne that it has earned a status for its name. If there is ever a list of rankings for the most effective acne treatment remedies, I would bet my dollar that tea tree oil would be listed in the top 10. Used by many acne sufferers around the world, this Australian "native" has helped a lot of people to cure or improve their acne condition, including me and many persons I personally know. You are definitely on the right track to have a smoother face if you are looking to use tea tree oil for your acne condition.

Believe it or not, at a party, I saw a friend with severe acne condition and asked him what he did to cure his acne condition. He answered me by saying some traditional myths, such as rubbing papaya on face, vegetable masks and so on. It is no surprise that his acne never really improved. I told him to stop using those useless methods, and try tea tree oil and aloe vera mask (Those are some of my most valuable weapons to fight against acne). A few weeks later, my friend here standing up with a much smoother face, literally without an acne spot on his face. That success proves the effectiveness of tea tree oil on acne.

Most successful acne medications rely on the bacteria-killing ability to kill p.acnes, the major contributor or factor in causing acne. Tea tree oil has similar antibacterial strength, that is comparable to many of the medications on the market. By effectively killing the bacterias and germs, you face stand a better chance to glow brightly again. But before you buy any acne medication, in this case tea tree oil products, it is better for you to consult with your dermatologist or doctor.

Tea tree oil is the best alternative if you are irritated by the conventional medication or treatment, and want to try some natural treatment to treat your acne. Based on my personal experience with myself and other people with acne, it seldom causes irritation and redness.

To get the best results out of each drop, apply even over your face after proper face wash. Use tea tree oil in the morning and before going to bed. Before you try tea tree oil out, let me assure you that it really works well well. I hope that after reading this article, you are able to use the knowledge and information obtained to relate, cure and improve your acne condition.


Source by Charles S. Spencer

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