Tips to Reduce Hair Fall During Pregnancy


Hair fall is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Here are some home remedies for hair fall treatment during pregnancy:

Go organic
You should make use of organic and natural products for the reduction which may occur due to allergic reactions and skin infections of the scalp. Natural products are recognized to be perfect for people who have sensitive skin.

Warm oil massage
Massaging the scalp with the aid of lukewarm oil contributions to Hair Fall Treatment in a natural way. Mustard oil, olive oil, almond, jojoba, and coconut confer the preliminary nutrition to the scalp. Massaging the scalp with the aid of warm oil are effective means for treating hair fall during pregnancy.

Antibacterial neem
Antibacterial neem is recognized to be an effective herbal remedy to tackle due to skin infections. Neem happens to be a natural antibacterial agent that aids in the prevention of bacterial growth. You need to make a paste of neem leaves and apply the same on the scalp.

Fresh coconut milk
Fresh coconut milk is worth mentioning when it comes to Hair Fall Treatment. You should be massaging cup of coconut milk into the scalp with fingertips. Leave it on the scalp for a duration of 20 to 30 minutes and wash the same with the aid of a good herbal shampoo. It is recommended to use a fresh one.

Yogurt, egg and olive oil
You should be preparing a mixture with olive oil, egg, and yogurt and apply the mixture at least once a week. These functions as a wonderful deep conditional treatment for the locks. Using the mixture during pregnancy may be effective in the treatment.

The right conditions and shampoos
It is common for the hair to dry during pregnancy. For combating the dryness, you need to change to conditioner or shampoo which has higher moisturizing content in comparison to the current one. You should be selecting products comprising of shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, jojoba oil and avocado oil. Shea butter aids in adding moisture and prevention of breakage. Coconut oil is beneficial in sealing the moisture content in the follicles. Aloe vera is effective when it comes to this Treatment. Jojoba oil is also highly prominent to prevent hair loss. Avocado oil enterprises of vitamins D, E and potassium which are helpful for maintaining healthy conditions of hair.

Supplements play a key role in preventing hair fall. You may try using them in addition to home remedies. Adding the supplements of vitamin E, C, B-complex, zinc and biotin are effective for the reduction of hair fall.

Other methods for preventing hair loss is inclusive of:
You should not go for over brushing as it may result in further damage.
You should not do tight styles such as cornrows, ponytail, weaves, braids, rollers which may pull or stretch, leading to the loss.
You should refrain using straightened chemical dyes or treatments as this will make dry and brittle.
You should not use colors during Hair Fall Treatment as they consist of harmful chemicals, leading to excessive loss.


Source by Hakim Hari Krishan

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