The 5 Easiest Ways to Prevent Cellulite

Cellulite is a term used to describe the bumpy fat benefit the skin especially around the abdomen and pelvic area and even though it is common in women, men too can have cellulite. It tends to be less visible on darker skin which partly explains why the growing popularity of self-tanners.

Main Causes of Cellulite:

While nearly all experts and health sources agree about where these bumps occur, it is not the case about how they initially get formed. Here are some common known factors;

Hormones influence most systems in the body if not all and their imbalance can cause real changes including how the body stores fat.

Poor circulation has been touted as a probable cellulite cause. Besides having dire effects on the skin and skin tone specifically, poor circulation may lead to slowed lymphatic drainage and fat cell stagnation since cellulite formation.

Even though not as much, heredity may affect cellulite formation. The fact that genes determine chemical factors heighting from body structure to skin thickness can make oneone to cellulite.

Most if not all of the above factors have a common denominator in toxicity levels. Poor lifestyle choices and diet among other toxicity causes such as common pollutants do increase cellulite formation chances significantly. This is due to the body stores toxins in the fat and the more toxin accumulation in your body, the bumpier the cellulite become.

Ways to Prevent Cellulite:

The key to prevent cellulite from occurring is to cut toxin accumulation in the body. Knowing how to avoid cellulite will not only improve your appearance, but also enable you to live a healthy and long life. Let's look at some of the easiest ways to prevent cellulite.

Hydration – water is life and besides this, it may help reduce cellulite through flushing the toxins that find their way into your body. Make it a habit to drink substantial amounts of clean, pure water daily which also goes a long way in improving the skin's appearance. You also stand to help a lot through organic hydration enhanced by fresh vegetables and fruits which can also be juiced.

Eating Healthy – alkaline forming foods are known to remove toxins accumulated in the tissues, organs and cells. All fresh vegetables and fruits consist of alkaline and by including them in your diet, you can significantly reduce cellulite. Toxins tend to re-circulate and re-settle around the body if not flushed out and since the alkalinity of these foods magnetize to toxic matter, it since facilitates removal. Gradually increase your consumption of fresh produce in its raw form or juice to first tune the body.

Detoxification – coupled enhancing the above tips for toxin flushing, you can also use other known detoxification channels for best results. Toxins are not easy to remove and in some, alkaline foods may not be enough to see them out. You can there use other known detoxification methods such as colon cleansing which can be done using home enema kits or professional colonia. As much as many revere this technique, it is one of the most effective in detoxifying the body since translating to cellulite removal and prevention.

Know Your Salts – it is a known fact that common refinished salt is highly acidic. Beside leaching minerals from your body, it is extremely dehydrating which creates the perfect environment for cellulite to thrive. Try swapping refin salt for Himalayan crystal or Celtic sea salt to reduce the toxicity levels in your body.

Sweat it out – sweaty routines and exercises are known to eliminate toxins through the skin including helping reduce stress levels. This goes a long way in removing or preventing cellulite formation as well as enhancing body fitness, muscle toning and tightening for a more appealing look even with cellulite.

By integrating and following the above tips, you can prevent cellulite or reduce it from occurring.

Source by Tommy Raymond Johnson

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