Surviving Acne Tips – Two Ways to Cover Up Pimples on Your Face


Acne is a problematic situation that tends to drive a person nearly insane with the pain, the itchiness and the irritation. Treating acne is not an easy job, as many people suffer differently from many forms of acne. The acne can sometimes be simple small boils that go away within a period of three days, or it could be severe boils filled with pus and blood, and eating away at the skin, giving red patches, accompanied with itchiness. Also acne could either range from hereditary which are often severe acne or mildly occurring acne, that happens due to hormonal changes in the body.

The cure for acne depends upon the type of acne, whether it is internal or external. Internal factors that lead to acne such as thyroid gland problems, sebum excess problems, and hormonal problems are treated with pills such as contraceptives or other antibiotics. External acne are simply acne occurring due to dead cells on the skin or because of some skin infection. These are treated with face washes, scrubs, ointments of simple home remedies.

One of the most important factors in skin care is that of cleanliness. You have to make sure your face is free from oil and other dirt that sticks to the pores of the face and clogs them up. However, understand the fact that too much washing of the face could cause the face to go dry and create an irritation for existing acne. Do not use too strong soap or face washers. Excessive use of chemical products could leave your skin dry, itchy and more prone to acne.

Exercise is the best way to keep the body and the skin fresh. By exercising you burn all the fatty acids and thus this keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Also be sure that you have high amount water that could help in washing away the toxic wastes. Do have a bath or wash your face after every exercise routine. This will help prevent clogging of pores.

Your diet is an extremely important factor in the control of acne and also of skin care. Do not eat too much junk and oily food. Drink plenty of water and have fresh fruits and vegetables always.


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