Skin Care – 5 Tips In Banishing The Unsightly Warts


Now you see them, now you don’t. No, I’m not referring to any magic tricks but to warts! Yes, you heard me right – warts. If there is one skin condition that is shrouded with mystery, warts can definitely vie for the top spot! Warts may come and go as they please with no scientific explanation as to why or how this happens. Why warts behave this way, nobody knows for sure.

Most of us may have had a wart at one point of our lives. Warts are those rough irregular skin growths that can appear in the face, hands, forearms, feet and genital areas. The human papilloma virus, or HPV, causes warts and they can be very contagious!

All warts are not created equal. In fact, there are several kinds of warts – the common warts, the flat warts, the plantar warts and the genital warts. The common warts are rough looking and are commonly found on our hands and fingers. Flat warts are much smaller, have smoother surfaces and can be found on the hands and on the face. Plantar warts are those found on the soles of the feet while genital warts are those found on the genitals and the anal area.

Warts are so mysterious that up until now, an effective solution to end this problem is yet to be discovered! If you have these unsightly bumps troubling you at present, you only have two options in having them removed. You can either seek medical help or try a few skin care tricks at home. Read on to learn some tips in banishing those warts!

Is it really a wart? If you seriously want to remove those unsightly bumps and have a clearer and fresh-looking skin, you have to make sure that it is indeed a wart. You must know how to differentiate a wart from a mole, a corn and a callus or skin cancer. When in doubt, see your doctor. He or she may help you in establishing if it is indeed a wart.

No touching, please! As much as possible, avoid touching your warts. This is the ultimate skin care tip in case of warts. Frequent touching will only aggravate the condition. It can spread the virus all over your skin and you may even accidentally transfer it to another person. To avoid this, wash your hands immediately in hot water to prevent further contamination.

Castor oil to the rescue! Applying castor oil to the warts twice a day may help in eliminating those ugly skin imperfections. Castor oil is mildly acidic and has the power to irritate the warts. Do this continuously and your warts will disappear!

Try Vitamin C – Another great skin care tip in eliminating warts is to use vitamin C. Like castor oil, vitamin C is also mildly acidic in nature and can make those warts say goodbye to your skin for good! To explore the power of vitamin C, crush several vitamin C tablets and mix it with enough water to make a paste. Apply the resulting paste directly on the wart and cover it with a piece of clean gauze. Secure the gauze in place using several layers of tape and soon, your wart will just drop off!

Use heat to remove warts – Soaking the warts in very hot water may soften its surface and will hopefully kill the virus that lurks beneath it. However, this method can only be applied for plantar warts. Also, make sure you do not use boiling water so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself in the process.


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