Skin and Hair Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is used extensively when making hair and skin care products. These days it is not uncommon for people to make their own products, knowing what ingredients they are using and ensuring that they are using natural, organic and safe products to keep their family protected at all times.

Using argan oil and following a recipe can help you make top quality skin and health products in the comfort of your own home, including good quality moisturizer. With this oil you can make a very effective nighttime moisturizer which you can use overnight or a wonderful hand and foot moisturizer which can alleviate cracks and dryness.

In addition to this, you can use argan oil to make a good quality toner for your face. A good beauty routine can have you looking younger and feeling better about yourself, it will also reduce the risk of those unwelcome fine lines and wrinkles that develop as we age. With age our skin becomes thinner and weaker and the oil can help give it that added elasticity it needs now and moving forward.

This oil can also be used to make an effective exfoliator. Exfoliation is important to remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cells to the surface. This gives you a smoother and healthier skin, which you can enjoy now and moving forward. With daily exfoliation you will find that spray on tans last longer, your skin will look healthier and your face will be cleaner and healthier.

Further, you will also notice that you can use argan oil in beauty products if you suffer from acne. Acne is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing problems anyone can go through. Severe acne can cause long term damage to the skin, causing a pot hole effect. With argan oil, you can treat the skin, help alleviate the symptoms of acne, reduce swelling and irritation and reduce the risk of the skin having long term damage as a result.

Argan oil is used by millions of women who are pregnant or are new mothers. While having a new baby is one of the most rewarding experiences any woman will experience, it does come with serious consequences to your body, one of which s stretch marks. Stretch marks form as a result of your body being stretched to accommodate the baby and then returning to normal. Applying argan oil, which is completely natural and safe to the stretch marks regularly can reduce them considerably, making your skin look great.

Anyone who has shaved with a razor in the past may have experienced what is known as razor burn or bumps. Razor burn can be irritating and painful, it is where the skin is rubbed and can take days to heal. During the healing process the skin appears red and bumpy, not to mention exceptionally itchy. Argan oil offers a soothing effect, so it not only helps to alleviate the itching, but it reduces the redness and swelling, helping the skin heal very quickly as a result.

The final thing you can use argan oil for is an excellent natural, safe and effective hair conditioner. If you are looking for a completely organic hair condition which does not contain any chemicals and has not been tested on animals in a laboratory, then making your own is the safest option. Using this product will nourish your hair, help give it wonderful shine and leave it looking healthy.

Ensure you purchase good quality argan oil from a reputed supplier, you want to know you are buying the genuine product to achieve the best results.

Source by B Borseth

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