Removing Skin Tags – Two Common Methods

Removing Skin Tags - Two Common Methods 1

There are a lot of people that are curious about removing skin tags. These skin growths can be ugly and can irritate those that are suffering from them when they are on particular places of the body. Areas such as your arms, legs, or even face can easily be irritated when your skin growths rub against your clothing. Visiting a dermatologist can be expensive and most of us do not have cosmetic coverage on our health insurance. Believe it or not, there are home remedies you can use for removing these growths as well.

By being able to remove your skin tags and minimize medical bills, you can feel better and not worry about heavy bills. Before you start removing these growths, you need to determine that you actually have a skin tag and not something else on your skin.

What do they look like? Tags are soft growths and are smaller than 1.3cm in size. This is a form of excess skin that can be flat or rounded out and can look like a thin stalk. Usually it is surrounded by darker skin. If you are sure it is a skin tag, then you can start the process of removal.

Method One: Dental Floss or Thread

You will need to use a few pieces of dental floss or thread for this method. You will also need a pair of scissors, peroxide, or another antibacterial cleanser. Take your floss or thread and tie it around the base of your tag. Then remove the tip of your skin tag using your scissors. Be sure that your scissors are sharp and disinfected prior to using them. After you have removed the skin tag, clean the area with your antibacterial cleanser. You will only feel a tiny sting as you remove the growth. If you do this correctly, you will limit the amount of times that skin tag reappears in the same location.

Method Two: Drying Up Your Tag

This method is less painful than the scissor method and the results are fairly quick. You will need some castor oil and baking soda in order to do this method. Mix these two ingredients together until you form a gooey paste. Apply this paste three times per day on the tags and you will notice that they dry out in about two weeks.

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