Rapid Weight Loss Ideas to Lose Weight


With the right diet, exercise and discipline, it is possible to beat Obesity. For rapid weight loss one can undergo a crash diet to see quick results. With the right diet, one can lose between 10 to 20 pounds in a matter of a week. Once you are done with the diet, you can maintain it by sticking to a disciplined diet and exercise routine. Diets that promote body's metabolism should be considered.

Weight Loss Diet:
A weight loss diet plan usually consist of a reduced intake of carbohydrates and increased intake of fruits and vegetables. However, to see quick results in as little as a week or less if you can try this crash diet.

Go on a diet maintaining of just fruits for day one. Include lots of melons and avoid banana.
On day 2, take one full potato for starch content in the morning as breakfast. For rest of the day, take only vegetables and nothing else. The vegetables can be raw or boiled, but ensure you do not take in oil or anything fried.
Day 3 could have been a combination of fruits and vegetables. Again avoid bananas.

Make sure you drink lots and lots of water through the process of this diet.
At the end of day 3, you should have lost at least 10 pounds in weight. Apart from making you lose weight, this diet will cleanse your system of toxins. You will notice a glow in your face at the end of this diet. You can repeat this method again to lose more weight; however, it is not recommend repeating immediately after you complete a cycle of 3 days. It is good to wait for a week or so before you try again.

Regular Exercise Schedule:
After losing weight following the diet, it is important not to get back to old habits of overeating. Stick on to a regular routine of exercise. It could be a morning jog or cycling or work out in a gym. It is great if you could find a personal trainer to work with who would help you set goals and meet them.

Metabolism Increasing Diet:
Exercise significantly increases the body's metabolism (Capacity of the body to absorb food) resulting in less accumulation of surplus calories. Diets rich in fiber could be very helpful in digestion. Also, if the food intake could be spaced out, it could do wonders to the body's metabolism. Instead of taking 3 large meals a day, if 5 small meals could be taken, it would do your system a world of good.


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