You can lose weight with Coconut Oil. Yes, you heard it right. You can actually shed those excess pounds by ingesting that “fattening coconut oil”.

Probably like you, I was always told coconut oil and coconuts were fattening… and to definitely stay away from them if I wanted to lose weight. So on the whole, I pretty much have stayed away from them.

But I am going to go out very soon and buy some coconut oil due to what I have been reading lately about the benefits of coconut oil. Here is why…

Besides the fact that coconut oil helps stabilize blood sugar levels (important with diabetes), it helps protect your heart and increase your energy, coconut oil has been show to help your thyroid and increase your metabolism… so the end result? Weight loss.

People will tell you that coconut oil is full of fat and logically, that means, don’t use it … because we are told that eating fat makes you fat, right?

Well, think about it. Years ago, we ate fattening things all the time. We drank whole milk… ate the most fattening ice cream… and “low fat” and fat-free products were unheard of.

Today, you probably see more “low fat” and fat-free products on the shelf than anything when you go to the grocery store.

So if eating fat makes us fat, then why is eating “low fat” making us fatter than when we were eating “fat” (try that as a tongue twister)?

The truth is, from what I have read… and it sure makes sense to me… that eating fat is not what is making us fat.

Part of what is making us fat is the trans fats they are putting in our foods… which increase shelf like… make the texture of foods better, etc.

Check the labels on your foods. Anything that says “hydrogenated oils”, do not buy. That is just a code name for “trans fat.”


Source by Hope Pope

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