Jojoba Oil Acne Treatment – Is Jojoba Oil Effective For Acne?


Here's natural home treatment for acne which you may easily and quickly make from your home, which works well in removing acne.

Here's what you need for jojoba oil home treatment:

Jojoba oil:

It can heal and treat acne as it contains the antioxidant properties. It can eliminate bacteria, remove dirt and clear up pores.

Olive oil:

It is used to dilute jojoba as jojoba oil may irritate your skin. Adding olive oil helps to prevent skin irritation.

Oil types:

You need to make sure that the oils you get are 100% pure without any other ingredients as they may reduce its effectiveness. Keep the oil way from strong light exposure and in cool place.

Instruction for best results:

  • Use a cleanser to wash your skin. Remove any oil or dirt as it works better on clean skin and will be more absorbable.
  • After skin cleansing, pet it to dry gently with a soft towel. You should not scrub it because that may aggravate and irritate acne.
  • Wait until complete drying then the skin tissue will be more absorbable (wait at lest 5 minutes after towel drying)
  • Pour about a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of oil into a bowl and mix them.
  • Apply the mixture directly on the acne affected areas.
  • Repeat all these steps 1 – 5 daily.

Jojoba treatment can get rid of acne pimples, eliminate the eruption of acne and clear impurities. It can also remove scars without any marks. It has many forms in the market. Jojoba oil moisturizers, lotions, soaps and other products. You should choose the natural one as it has not any chemical ingredients so it has not any side effects.


Source by Abod Mahady

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