There are plenty of women, as well as men, facing the problem of how to keep hair thick. African hair breaks when you try to comb through it and there are plenty of Caucasians with kinky hair that drives them crazy too. The amount of money spent on untangling products is staggering. But these products must not be doing the job, because people keep hopping from one to the other, always hiring for better results.


All the breakage begins to make your mane thinner and plays havoc with your self confidence. On top of that, as you age, you tend to have some normal thinning. Put all this together and suddenly you're not looking your best. You end up spending way too much time trying to solve the problem. You get all kinds of advice on how to keep hair thick and everyone has a different answer. You put all sorts of glop on your head but nothing much happens. It looks better for a day or so and then you slide back again. Maybe it's supposed to take months to work, but who can wait that long when it comes to beauty? We want it and we want it now.


A sympathetic Indian neighbor with hair down to you know where take pity on me one day. She brought me into her house and rubbed what seemed like just a dab of something on my scalp. She massaged it in, washed her hands and made us a cup of tea. I read the ingredients on the bottle: Coconut Oil, Aloe Leaf Extract, Hibiscus Abelmoschuns Extrat and others that were foreign to me. But she assured me all were natural, without a chemical in the bunch.

After a half hour we went back to the bathroom sink where she went on to shampoo my head. It took no time at all. While it was soaking wet she combed through it with ease. Then she dabbed it with a towel and told me to let it air dry and to keep my hands off it. After just one treatment I already looked better. The dry, brittle look was gone! She sent me home with a bottle of each and promised this was how to keep hair thick , silky and shiny. And long too, if I wanted …


Source by Serena Jonez

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