One of the largest strengths of using herbs is the weight loss that can occur, not so much due to the properties of herbs, but due to the loss of appetite for fattening substances. Often the trick is not when one consumes herbs that they "magically" lose weight, but once the palette is adjusted and favors the delicious nuances of herb seasonings then the traditional fats, sugars will no longer taste good. It's this change, and it's generally permanent, that helps lose weight and keep it off.

One immediate change is to drop the use of soft drinks and substitute in herbal teas. An example is the simple use of mint as the tea base. All one does is place about a gallon of water on the stove, heat till bubbles break, drop in a handy of mint leaves (for the measurers that's about one cup, lightly packed) into the hot water and let stand for about 1 hour. Not only is there no caffeine today but it's easy to use this mint water as your tea base and add to it couple small stalks of lemon grass for additional flavor, or a handful of crushed basil leaves. I actually prefer to add both to my tea and it's a very refreshing drink for my family throughout the week. Being a wine love the herbal tea is my beverage choice at night as I rest after dinner, wanting another glass of vino, but change that desire by having my glass or two of iced herbal tea.

Also a benefit of herbal teas is the ability to diminish the desire for eating more, or consumption of other fatty items. Suppression of the desire to eat is another benefit of altering the diet to herbs. Licorce, cinnamon and ginseng are herbs with those properties. Simply add a dash as seasoning, rather than sugar, salt and those smaller portions become more desirable as one consumes yet "fills" the hunger pangs quicker and with less food. Again this is an ongoing lifestyle change that not only helps lose weight but eliminates the behaviors which add to weight gain.

Any herbs that speed up your metabolism can also help in losing weight.

One of these herbs is ginger and the active component of the flavor is gingerol which also gives ginger its flavor.

Herbs that are diuretics simply aid in eliminating unnecessary water retention. Remember that one gallon of water is equivalent to 8 pounds of weight. If one is looking for "immediate weight loss" then the best method for this is the elimination of water. Use diuretic herbs such as parsley – Italian or Curly, rosemary, celery and dong quai. Fennel is very good here also and make a simple fennel tea. Hawthorn berries, dandelion are two more herbs that are diuretics. Of course exercise more to sweat the fluids as one changes diet to herbs.

Source by Bob G Johnson

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