Healthy and Real Weight Loss Does Exist, People


People are literally starving, then binging and sometimes even purging afterwards. It's alarming, right? We are all desperate to lose weight it looks, with summer just around the corner.

Health and Real Weight Loss is dedicated to recovering the truth about caloric intake versus some of the traditional "dieting" theories we've become accustomed to. The low-carb diet has been all the rage for the better part of a decade now and yet 30% of Americans are considered obese. My assumption is that this "do not eat white foods" ideology is clearly not working. Although, initially, you may see results, the larger question is how long can you maintain such a strict regimen. For most of us, after a good solid-three days into our diets we're already thinking of ways to cheat. Why is that? Because we usually are still hungry, after eating the recommended consumption, and because you've eliminated carbohydrates, your body is running low on energy. Therefore, when doing the low-carb diet, people are often tired. (Not good for the whole exercise aspect.) You can not just rely on eating fewer calories either.

Our bodies are so highly mechanized with the sole intention of maintaining a healthy balance and keeping up with the demands we place on our bodies, daily. If you begin consuming less calories daily, then in time (a week or so) your body begins to actually recognize what it must burn to keep the balance and will not burn more than you're taking in. So, let's just sum that up. Eating less calories actually slows your metabolism down quite a bit, over time. So the second you do decide to binge and eat all the food you've been missing out on for the past few weeks, your body no longer includes that in its equation for your day. So, all those extras calories you've been stripped of and are now eating like it's your job are considered .. well, extra! So, your body's going to store all that "extra" in our least favorite way – that's right, FAT!

The trick to it all is actually shifting your caloric intake at certain intervals. By switching up the amount and types of calories your body is taking in, you begin to consistently confuse your body's internal mechanism for weight management, and by default your metabolism speeds up to compensate for the confusion. P90X endorses the very same concept, but their references to physical exercise, for building muscle. Not everyone wants that, but know that a good workout in conjunction with monitored and healthy caloric transformation can really produce noticeable results. It's well documented. If you'd like to find out a bit more about losing weight the right way, it's much easier and more enjoyable than we've been told for so long.


Source by Christopher D Jackson

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