It's a common mis-perception that hair loss or pattern baldness is a problem that affects only men. Well it's time to break the silence of the 'boys club' and prove to the world that hair loss in women is not only real, it's becoming more and more of a problem every day.

The truth is that over 30% of all women will experience some sort of major hair loss at some point in their life and if informed the problem can not only be stopped it can also be reversed!

We all lose hair, we lose some every day. Every human being on the planet, male or female has about 100,000 hairs on their heads. Every day between 50 and 150 of these hairs fall out as part of a normal growth cycle and are replaced by new hairs that are grown by healthy hair follicles.

If a woman's hair follicles are not healthy, they become unable to reproduce and grow new hair and produce what is known as 'vellus' hair or clear, tiny hairs that barely protrude the scalp. As more and more follicles malfunction, patches of thinning hair develop resulting in major hair loss in women.

Women have the ability (just like men) to repair these damaged follicles to a working state by providing their body with much needed nutrients that feed the follicles and give them the ability to produce new hair.

The FDA has approved a hair loss treatment called Provillus that can create real hair regrowth in a reliably small amount of time. Used regularly this female friendly wonder supplement has completely changed the way we deal with hair loss in women.

Are you practicing female pattern baldness or thinning hair? What if I told you that in a matter of months you could completely turn the problem around and be on your way to regrowing your full, thick lovely locks.

Source by Lynn Seggern

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