Grow Hair Faster With These Tricks


If you're sick of your short haircut or wish your hair were longer, you're not alone! Hair grows an average of one-half inch per month, but factors like health, age, diet and heredity also play a role in hair growth. If you want to help your hair grow faster, consider the following tips and tricks.

• Scalp massages. Not only does giving yourself a scalp massage feel good, it might help your hair grow faster, too. Scalp massages help stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which helps nutrients get to the hair follicles faster. An easy way to give yourself a scalp massage? Do it while you're washing your hair.

• Brush your hair correctly. Plenty of people make the mistake of brushing their hair from the top down, which is more damaging than you'd think. Instead, start at the bottom when you're brushing your hair. This will help reduce damage. Work your way through knots slowly, and do not ever brush your hair while it's still wet-use a comb instead.

• Get regular trims. Even though hair grows from the root, not from the ends, getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks will cut off any split ends. This will make your hair look healthier and longer because split ends tend to separate and curl up, making hair look shorter than it really is.

• Avoid excess heat styling. When it comes to your hair, use heat sparingly. Hair dryers, curling irons and straightening irons can all cause hair damage and breakage, especially if your hair has been colored.

• Watch your stress levels. Stress can make hair fall out, so take a deep breath and tell yourself to calm down when the going gets tough. Regular exercise is a great way to combat stress. Watch your stress levels if you want to help your hair grow faster.

• Drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet. A poor diet contributes to thinning hair. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and be sure to eat a healthy diet that's rich in protein, fruits and vegetables. If you're not a huge fan of veggies, remember that one serving of wheatgrass juice has nutritional content that rivals over one pound of dark green leafy vegetables.

• Take your vitamins. When you want to help your hair grow faster, take a daily multivitamin to ensure your body is getting the nutrients that it needs. Freeze-dried wheatgrass juice powder capsules are an easy way to get extra vitamins and minerals each day-and wheatgrass juice has even been found to help with longer, stronger hair!


Source by Casey Kelly

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