To get rid of bacne, you have to know its causes and the conditions that encourage breakouts. Aside from the back, this form of acne is also found in other parts of the body such as the shoulders, upper buttocks and the upper arms. These are areas where body oils and sweat accumulate and are thus pronounced to breakouts. However, effective acne remedy for those found in the said areas is not impossible.

Back acne is also caused by the same factors as acne breakouts on facial skin. The overproduction of oil and sebum mixes with the accumulated dead skin cells and dirt. This gunk clogs the pores, encouraging the growth of acne-causing bacteria. As a result, breakouts occur all over the back. Since the pores on this part of the body is larger than pore size of facial skin, the size of the acne breakouts is larger as well. Excessive sweating can also contribute to the appearance and severity of the breakouts.

Getting rid of bacne starts with regular cleansing. Using one's regular anti acne facial cleanser on the skin of your back is already sufficient. The use of a long handled sponge or loofah is essential so you can apply the cleanser on the hard to reach areas of the back. Using the loofah or sponge, gently massage the cleanser on the back in a circular motion. After a minute or two, rinse off the cleanser and pat the skin dry with a soft towel. Do not rub the skin or else it will get more irritated and inflamed.

To effectively treat the bacne problem, applying medication after cleansing is necessary. Benzoyl peroxide creams or ointments are cheap yet effective acne medicine. These can be bought over the counter at drugstores or pharmacies. In some cases this is not enough, especially when the breakouts, infection and skin infection is severe. One must consult with a physician in order to address the problem. For some cases of back acne, some skin doctors will prescribe oral medication such as isotretinoin or a few sessions of laser treatment as the primary course of action.

Once bacne has been treated successfully, you must ensure that future breakouts will not happen. This means that your back should be treated with the same care as your face. Sleep on clean beddings at all times. Bed sheets, pillowcases and towels should be replaced weekly. Needless to say, shirts and undershirts should be washed after every use. Opt for fabrics that let your skin breathe such as cotton. Also, avoid using very tight clothing all the time.


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