Get Thicker Hair Naturally – 10 Tips to Get Thicker Stronger Hair

Experts say that hair grows for three to five years prior to falling out naturally. During this period, there are various steps you can take to make it stronger and thicker. In addition, take steps to prevent hair loss. Some of the top ten tips include:


Washing using hot water is not advised. Use cold water so it will close your hair cuticles and retain the moisture. It's also prefer to wash your hair frequently to help keep it clean and healthy.


Massaging your head will increase its circulation and this will help make your hair healthy. Healthy hair is naturally strong. The key here is to massage the scalp, not just move the hair around.


Eating healthy food can help your hair to grow strong. Although a generally healthy diet is good, foods rich in vitamins A and D are particularly good for healthy hair.


Supplements with folic acid, biotin and B6 are good for strengthening your hair. Nutritional supplements with minerals like zinc, silica and magnesium may also help with thick hair growth.


Exercising also helps to make hair strong and healthy, since hair is part of the human body. Exercise routines that will promote blood flow and lower stress are the most effective.


Plenty of water and fruit juices are also encouraged. At the same time, drinks which contain caffeine and alcohol should be avoided.

Natural Treatments

Some people say that a mixture of coconut oil and white hibiscus kept in sunlight for a 7 days is good for your hair. In this case, the oil is used to massage the scalp, and it will help make your hair stronger. There are other natural treatments you can try.

Hair products

Choose treatment products carefully. Alcohol based products are harmful to many types of hair. This is because alcohol tends to make it dry; and hair without moisture breaks easily.


In most cases, the ends are weaker than the rest. For this reason, you need to trim the hair regularly. Just a little trim at the ends once a month or so is enough to leave you with strong hair. This also has got the advantage of taking off the split ends.

Doctor's advice

After you have done all these and more and your hair is still weak you may want to consult your doctor. There could be an undercoming health issue.

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