Foods to Avoid With Gout, So You Can Heal Naturally

Many people think of gout as a rich man's disease, believing that quaffing large amounts of rich food and drinking fruity wines and beers is what causes them to suffer from the condition. The advice today is to think again; gout can strike anyone who eats meals high in protein content. The reason for this is that a lot of these meals contain meats which have a high concentration of purine present, which is a primary cause of increasing uric acid in a person's body. So looking at your diet and discovering what foods to avoid with gout can help you heal naturally if you know what to do.

Gout is caused by excessive uric acid that accumulates in the body over a period of time. At first, the symptoms may not be present, but once an attack occurs, people should look at their diet and know which foods to avoid with gout to prevent it happening again. The top candidates for causing an increase in uric acid production in people are; some forms of red meats and some seafood dishes; avoiding or excluding these from your diet will help start the healing process naturally.

Uric acid is secreted from the body by way of the kidneys and when these organs get too much to handle, they cease to function as efficiently and the acid then remains in the body. The uric acid turns into a crystal form, and slowly, deposits form at the joints of the person and arthritic symptoms will start to appear. If a person starts suffering painful swelling and inflammation at the joints, especially at the toes, then it is a good bet that they should discover what foods to avoid with gout.

To do this there has to be some research done and looking at different health websites and gathering information about which foods to avoid with gout will help the person start the healing process naturally. Increasing your intake of fruits that contain antioxidants will speed up healing and could even result in no further attacks; fruits like red or black berries, bananas and black cherries all contain high levels of antioxidants and that should be included as part of the daily healthy diet. Drinking regular amounts of cherry juice and plenty of water will encourage the kidneys to start functioning more efficiently again, so if you have a dread of getting gout, take a close look at your lifestyle and alter your diet to reduce the chances of contracting this painful condition.

Source by Joanna Mikielska

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