Fish Oil Versus Krill Oil – The Truth Revealed


If you are looking for the facts about fish oil versus krill oil, they can be hard to find. With many poor quality oils on both sides and many hard selling sites, here are the cold hard facts to help you decide.

Despite the many claims made about krill, on closer inspection they fail to live up to the hype. This is mainly due to their lack of omega 3 fatty acids compared to a quality fish oil, especially the most important one – DHA.

DHA is recognized today as the most important fatty acid, and far more beneficial than the other main one called EPA. DHA helps to prevent heart disease, boosts the immune system, maintains proper brain health, and effectively treats arthritis.

DHA is converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical by the body which helps to provide most of the health rewards.

If we look at the relative amounts from fish oil versus krill oil, you will see what I mean.

On average, a daily serving of two fish oil capsules will give you 560mg of DHA while the oil from krill gives only 90mg. Krill are naturally very low in this fatty acid while fish like Hoki and Tuna contain high amounts.

Next is purity and here the krill camp scores a victory, against an ordinary oil from fish anyway! As most are taken from the pristine Antarctic oceans, krill generally has very little contamination. But if you choose a high quality oil from fish that has been molecularly distilled to remove all the toxins, it would be more pure than the krill, so check the label or website carefully.

One thing that concerns me is sustainability, with both oils but more with the krill as there are no limits just now on how much can be taken. They are the food of most marine life right up to the whales and overfishing could soon become a real problem.

With the whole Antarctic ecosystem depending on species like krill to stay healthy, we need to see limits on them put in place. While not such a problem with fish, it is still good to check that they come from a healthy and sustainable source.

So to sum up, for me the clear winner in the fish oil versus krill oil debate is fish, mainly because it offers over six times more benefits and costs much less every month to keep you healthy for now and in the future too.

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Source by Rich Hawkins

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