Facial Cream Ingredients – How to Protect Your Skin Further

Facial cream ingredients are fast becoming numerous and more complex these days. Many women are easily becoming confused what to look for then. In the mid of the continuous flooding of many products in the market, they are finding it more difficult to choose the best ones.

Many creams contain harsh compounds

Many of facial creams available in the market are heavy laden with harmful chemical compounds. Most common of these harsh chemicals are Dioxane, paraben and mineral oil. Dioxane is particularly very toxic. In fact, it is considered as cancer-causing, with no less than the state of California baking its use in all skin and personal care products.

Paraben is a widely used conservative in the industrial manufacturing sector. Yet, many cosmetic companies use it to preserve whatever organic and natural ingredients they are using in their products. Paraben is known to cause skin rashes and irritation, with worse cases reporting infection and more acne development.

Mineral oil is very common in most creams. It is used primarily to make the skin become smoother and glowing in appearance. In addition to this, mineral oil is also used as a moisturizing agent. The extra oily layer promises moisture from evaporating rapidly from the skin.

Women with dry skin find mineral oil particularly beneficial. Without them knowing it, mineral oil also clogs the skin pores. This results the skin pores from "breathing". Worse, clogging leads to rapid accumulation of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands benefit the dermal surface. This primarily results to acne development and other more serious skin inflammatory conditions.

Protect your skin from further damage

Improving your skin does not only mean making it appear better to the eyes. It is because beyond our senses, those harmful chemicals found in many creams damage the skin without us knowing it fully. Here, the desire to a better skin condition also calls for protection of the dermis from harmful compounds.

You can always use any cream containing natural ingredients only. Being natural, they are safe to use, as long as they are properly formulated. Remember, however, that not all natural ingredients are effective. You need to identify which of those ingredients really work best.

Thankfully, modern researchers have now identified them. these are Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Coenzyme Q10. You may also choose to add Manuka honey from New Zealand.

All these natural substances are potent enough to help you recover smooth skin. They also contain anti-oxidants to help you fight free radicals taken from toxins and contaminants from the environment. Next time you look for facial cream ingredients, make sure you only use those natural substances I have mentioned.

Source by Elizabeth Simpson

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