If you have pockmarks in your face, its most likely perpetrator is the acne that unabashedly entered the other perfect skin you have been taking care of for so long. How can you prevent such insolent intrusions in the future, you might ask? And what is a time-tested acne cure so as to put a stop to its further spread? To know how to do it, we first have to understand what it is.

Acne is that formation of a swelling in the skin due to the secretion of oil in the body through the oil glands, also known as the sebaceous glands. The oil is supposed to go out through the skin pores to keep the skin from drying. That is what one might call a natural moisturizer. However, these pores can become plugged due to a lot of different reasons. It could be the dirt in the skin or too much make up or lotions that stay in the skin for far too long. It could also be an over-secret of sebum or oil in a skin pore that happens to be too small to expel it. Whatever the reason is, the pore that gets blocked produces a pimple.

There are many ways you can do get a surefire acne cure. What you have to remember is that the main characters in this "acne drama" is the oil in the skin, the amount of bacteria and the condition of the skin pores or even the skin in general. An effective acne cure deals first with controlling and reducing the oil produced in the skin. Second, it should be able to wipe out most of the bacteria in the skin. That is the reason why most acne lotions have antibiotic ingredients. Thirdly, it should properly moisturize the skin so that it is healthy and supple then preventing future clogging.

In reality, the best acne cure is one that actually precedes it from occurring in the first place.


Source by Peter T. Rosenblum

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