Do not Let a Weight Loss Plateau Kill Your Motivation – Overeating Can Make Those Scales Drop Again!

Not only is a weight loss plateau frustrating, it can kill your motivation. Well the solution to any weight loss plateau … wait for to plan a day of overeating! No need to rub your eyes and check the screen again, you read that correctly. I will explain within this article, because that day of overeating is essential for you to continue losing those unwanted pounds.

After a few weeks of being on a diet, you may start to notice a weight Loss Plateau. This is your body's way of telling you that it is no longer efficient at burning fat and needs to store this fat for energy. You metabolism will slow right down in order to reserve your stores of fat. Finally you will produce an excess of 2 types of hormone, cortisol and gherlin which will stimulate belly fat and hunger respectively.

In order to reverse this process, you will need a "cheat" day to satisfy all those cravings. Whether it be burgers, pizza, chips or ice-cream, just by feeding your body these ingredients, you can systematically boost your metabolism and stave off those hormonal changes.

Best Selling author, nutritionist and fitness expert Joel Marion discovered the "cheat" method back in 2003. Joel had been following a strict diet, in order to get into the best shape of his life. He had unfortunately hit a weight loss plateau and nothing he tried would shift those extra pounds. It was not until one night at a party, when he gorged himself on unhealthy foods and suffered the feelings of overwhelming guilt, that he discovered this method.

Now, obviously you can not just eat whatever you like 7 days a week, but Joel has put together a diet, that involves sensible eating and the occasional "cheat" day, that helps to boost your flagging metabolism and motivation.

Source by James Birch

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