Contribution Of Slim Tea For Weight Loss

Slim tea for weight loss is one of the countless slimming products you come across everyday while watching television or surfing the internet. What then is so special about the slim tea for weight loss that a lot of people are giving it preference over other products? One big plus with this product is that you don’t need to go to a gym and sweat it out for hours doing backbreaking exercises, you don’t need to get up in the wee hours and jog on the lonely roads till your legs refuse to carry your weight, and you don’t need to follow the strict diet chart given by your dietician and eat all that unpalatable stuff. You just have to consume two cups of this hot drink and do a few light exercises, and the difference would be visible within a few days.

Slim tea for weight loss is usually rich in antioxidants that boost the body metabolism and speed up the rate of fat burning helping you shed excess fat, the obstinate, ugly fat that makes you blush every time you go out for work or get-togethers. A pure brew like green tea, which has high levels of polyphenols and caffeine, can be very effective for weight loss. It induces thermogenesis and stimulates fat oxidation boosting the metabolic rate of the body without increasing the heart rate. This helps in reducing the excess weight considerably without causing any health risks. It possesses antioxidative and anticarcinogenic properties and modern scientific and medical research shows that regular consumers of green tea are less prone to diseases like heart problem or certain types of cancer.

Herbal slim tea also proves very effective in reducing the unwanted body fat. Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine, has tried several herbs for treating obesity with a fair amount of success over past many centuries. Herbs like Nagarmotha (Cyperus Rotundus), Triphala (a mixture of three dried fruits Terminalia Chebula, Terminalia Bellirica and Phyllanthus Emblica, called the three myrobalans), Baibidang (Embelia Ribes), Tagar (Valeriana Wallichii), and Kali Mirchi (Piper Nigrum) etc have been used for the treatment of obesity by the ayurveda practitioners since times immemorial. Nagarmotha is considered the best ama-pachaka, or the corrective and remover of endo-toxins. It has a Lipolytic action that mobilizes the fats from the Adipose tissues, considered to be the main cause for obesity, and thus helps in weight loss. Similarly, other herbs like Triphala and Kali Mirchi help alienating fat from the body by improving digestion and removing the harmful free radicals and toxins.

Slim tea for weight loss is natural and generally has little or no side effects. You can lose weight and get back your original slender, lean figure, and lead a healthier lifestyle by consuming a few cups of this composition daily.

Source by Ali Moin

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