Cleansing Your Skin to Keep Acne at Bay

Many people underestimate the power of skin cleansing. Cleansing is not something our skin needs on a monthly basis. In fact, our skin needs to stay clean and clear everyday to avoid dirt clogging the pores and hence to avoid the breakout of acne. If you make a routine of cleansing your skin daily, your skin will remain dirt-free and healthy.

Cleansing is a simple procedure that does not require hard work at all. At the end of your day before you go to bed, wash your face with a mild soapy solution and then pat it dry. Take a cleansing lotion suitable for your skin type and moisturize your face, neck, ears and hands gently in upward strokes. Take a cotton-ball, soft cloth or sponge and dip it in a toner that is compatible with your skin type. Gently wipe your face with it. You will notice that the oil on your face has been balanced in such a way that your skin does not feel too dry or too oily. Apart from that, all the dirt on your skin has been washed off and your skin feels fresh till morning.

Cleansing procedures may involve a facial scrub, but that is not done on daily basis. Scrubbing removes dead-skin cells from your skin, hence preventing your skin pores to get clogged. This in turn helps in keeping acne at bay. However, make sure you scrub your skin once a week as too much scrubbing can cause scratches on your delicate facial skin and may cause irritation. Also, if you already have acne, do not scrub your skin as it may cause pimples to leak the pus making acne spread all over your face. Always talk to your dermatologist before buying a new scrub or cleanser.

Source by Imran Al

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