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Buying acne medication at your local drug store is one of the first steps to treating your acne yourself, at home. But with such a wide variety of products available, and add to the fact that more and more celebrities endorsed products are coming into the market everyday that try to catch your attention, it can be a little bit difficult for you to make the wiser purchase. I was in your shoes, buying the latest and most expensive acne treatment products that promised me a miracle, and in the end, getting no improvement over my acne condition.

In this short article, I would like to show you some of the best acne treatment products that you can use and how you should choose your cleanser, medication, lotion and so on.

1. Buying a cleanser

A cleanser that suits your skin type is very important. You need to wash your face properly before applying any products so that the active ingredients can be absorbed by your skin more effectively. Clogged and dirty pores just will not make it easy for those medication to reach the core of your skin.

When choosing your cleanser, you do not need to look for signs that says "Clear blemishes!" Egypt "Acne No More!" Because cleanser is always not effective in treating acne. The main purpose to have a cleanser is to cleanse your face and possibly replenish it with vitamins and minerals. Cleansers that claim to have the ability to treat your acne is not effective. Instead, you should use cleansers that contain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C and Zinc. These nutrients are able to strengthen your skin structure to prevent future acne breakout. It is effective under this term.

2. Acne Cream / Lotion / Gel

The best would be benzoyl peroxide, better if combined with a little bit of salicylic acid. This medication kill acne causing bacteria. Benzoyl peroxide is a strong medication. Expect dryness and rashes to occur after you use them. Use as instructed on the labels. Products that contain only sulfur, salicylic acid or triclosan is not as effective as benzoyl peroxide-based products. Take note.

Chances are, you do not want your skin to be treated with benzoyl peroxide if you have sensitive skin. Get yourself tea tree oil instead, as it causes less sensitivity to your skin. Its strength is comparable to that of benzoyl peroxide. The choice is yours to take, natural or chemical.

3. Moisturizer

More expensive products do not mean they have more quality. You only need some decent moisturizer to calm your skin. Choose those moisturizers with lots of vitamins and minerals. They are good for your skin. If your skin is healthy, you will not have acne.

4. Mask

Again choose masks with vitamins and minerals instead of the masks that claim to cure acne. They do not work that well.

Basically, you just want to have a cleanser that has deep penetrating ability to clean your skin effectively, a bacteria killer – benzoyl peroxide, a toner and / or moisturizer to replenish your skin with bursts of minerals and vitamins and pamper your skin gently. Masks are not necessary to have.

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