Beautiful With Night Routine Body Treatments


To get beautiful skin, healthy, smooth and youthful, care needs to be done routinely and regularly. Occasional treatment in the salon or remembered, or if you have time, will not get maximum results. Here's a simple daily body care at night.


To deal with tired legs, when I got home, soak the feet in warm water mixed with a special of special salt bath. Let stand 10 minutes, then wash the feet. Use a pumice stone to rub the heel. After that, clean the cracks around your toenails with orange stick to clean up piles of dirt. Dry feet. Apply a moisturizer specifically for the feet. The result your skin will be smooth.

Hair Care

While immersing your feet, do hair treatment. Apply the oil in the hair. For best results, leave overnight. Heat with this way: heat a little olive oil or coconut oil. After heated, and hot oil scalp massage it on with your fingertips, with a circular motion for 8 – 10 minutes. Let stand overnight. Wash the next day with a shampoo as usual.

Cleaning the face

Before bed, wash face to remove dirt such as dust and makeup of the facial skin. If your skin dry or sensitive, use baby oil or a special wet tissue to clean face.

Eye treatment

Compress the eyes with sliced ​​potatoes or mixed with carrot juice and apply under eyes to reduce dark circles and sagging skin. For tired eyes, with a cotton compress soaked with rose water cooled. Or prepare a fresh cucumber slices in the fridge before.

Night cream

Apply a moisturizer or night cream or other beauty care products such as whitening cream , eye cream or moisturizer under ordinary. The skin will return to recover after exposure through the day with dirt and dust in the afternoon. Do not forget to apply the cream on the neck and arms as well. Body treatments so that should be routinely performed to obtain a healthy body, strong and beautiful.


Source by Chris Nugroho

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