Acne Infection – How Does Acne Spread?

Acne infection has often been termed as a menace of sorts. While most individuals are stated to develop blemishes while still in their teens, there are numerous reports which clearly state that the infection can spread to another person if care is not taken on a timely basis. Well, here is how the infection spreads.

By Touching And Scratching
In case you have acne on your face. If it is a whitehead, it may contain pus. Whenever we try and remove the whitehead with force, we tend to secrete the pus onto our skin. When the pus is spread across our skin, we tend to infect it even further. This in turn leads to severe infection, thereby giving rise to numerous other whiteheads.

By Spreading The Liquid
Interestingly, blemishes can be spread across the skin if you have the ability to smear the liquid pus from one location to another. In simple words, if you are habitual of picking your whiteheads way too often, you can easily smear the liquid to other parts of the skin. Whenever this happens, you are indirectly spreading the infection to all the other parts of your skin.

By Being Careless
Carelessness is another reason why you tend to spread the skin infection to other parts of your skin. If the infection is present in the form of whiteheads, you need to be very careful and avoid picking on them way too often. To be able to look good and maintain a flawless skin tone, you would be required to apply an anti-blemish on your skin. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

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