Acne – Causes, Medical Treatment And Some Home Remedies


The acne and pimples problem is usually attributed to teenagers but few may be aware that it can also affect adults in their twenties to fifties. In this article let us find out more about why acne usually breaks out and some of the things you can do to treat if effectively.

Implications of Acne
The problem of acne is not only with the skin but it can create a problem in the mind as well because man is a social animal and is very particular about the way he looks and the breakout of acne can seriously damage his self-confidence. Add to that an acne filled face is a big turn off for either of the sexes.

The kind of lifestyle we live plays a big role in determining our skin health. Some of the poor lifestyle conditions which can lead to acne include lack of proper sleep, not drinking enough water, eating foods that are oily and dry, constipation and hormonal imbalance.

There are many methods of treatment available and a visit to your dermatologist will ascertain the best form of treatment for you but let us list some of the basic things that everyone can do to keep acne under control.

1. Try to avoid touching acne affected area as much as you can as it worsens the condition further.

2. Wash your face three times daily so that acne causing bacteria is removed from the skin.

3. Some people recommend using scrubbing your face to treat acne which is a completely wrong recommendation as it will only worsen the condition and make more pimples pop out of the skin.

4. Take natural supplements which contain rivers like neem and amla which help in purifying the blood and improve your skin health by leaps and bound.


Source by Ajeet Gautam

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