Acne and Common Skin Problems Can Be Avoided


Some people are particularly prone to developing skin problems, more specifically acne. But little do these people know that there are some measures that could actually help them avoid acne development. However, it is sad to know that some people are prone to acne not because they lack the patience to maintain oil-free skin or they frequently get into stressful situations that flare up their acne. These people are simply victims of hormonal imbalances that could not be especially prone when they are in their peak of changes.

Situations such as these are commonly associated with puberty and menopausal periods which explains why teenagers are susceptible to acne flares as well as those women who are well over their early adulthood stage. We are not saying though that acne could not be avoided during these stages. They respond satisfactorily to treatment although more intensive procedures are required to effectively avoid them.

Nonetheless, during normal days acne could be avoided easily by taking simple measures such as the following:

Do not overdo it – The use of chemicals on skin may have adverse effects if you have already reached your tolerance level. Some people have the impulse to put as much chemical substances on their face believing that the more they use, the more effects they will get. This is not real. The skin on your face is highly sensitive tissues. You can not do as much as you want with it, you have to meet the ideal level for maintaining your skin.

Also be careful not to exacerbate the skin problems (if you have some) or to be the medium of creating the skin problems by vigorously rubbing your face with your hand during washing or with cotton balls (if you are using astringent or any form of facial cleanser that require the use of cotton balls). This will irritate the skin and the glands which could then stimulate the production of acne.

Use natural solutions – If you can help it, do not use chemical solutions on your face. Your best alternatives are the natural products that include natural ingredients. This minimizes the adverse effects that could have had from synthetic products while maximizing the beneficial advantages of natural ingredients, which are in the first place, very skin friendly.

Always use clean washcloth – If possible, replace your washcloth after each use. Acne-associated bacteria can easily breed on damp cloth which then would transfer to your face the next time you use it.

Keep your hair and hands off your face – You do not want anything that would contribute to the oil of your face. Both the hands and hair have their own oils which could come in contact to your face. With the additional oils from these agents, you are likely to contribute much more trouble to your face than necessary. The oils from hair and hands may mix with the sebum on your face along with dirt and dead skin cells. This is the exact recipe for acne disaster.

Do not use heavy make-up oil-based lotions – Make-up and lotions could sometimes be highly constituted of oils. And as you may have read somewhere, oil is the main culprit to acne development. You must use oil-free make up so that oil build up would be less. Also, you must help your skin pores to breath. Using heavy make up may cause the dirt, bacteria and oil to get trapped in the pores.

Manage your stressors – Do not let stress affect you. You need to feel at peace with yourself. Beside, emotional turmoil could surface to your skin and to your health. If you have an unhealthy spirit, you are likely to have an unhealthy body. The body can just accommodate so much but once the degree of stress has become unmanageable, the possibility that your immune system will be broken is highly possible. If this is the case, you are likely to prevent yourself more from acne bacterial attacks.

However tempting, do not pop your acne or pick on your skin problems – Irritation might lead to the aggravation of the skin disorder. You would notice that popping out of a pimple will lead to worse inflammation. This might also be true with other skin problems. So, you should not, on any occasion, irritate your skin in any way possible.


Source by Nathalie Fiset

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