A Guide to Selecting an EPA DHA Fish Oil

Experts world over now agree on the health benefits that an EPA DHA fish oil can provide us. In fact, this is the only area where the views of alternative medicine and conventional medicine match each other. But selecting the best oil is a little difficult due to the large number of options available in the market. How does one find an oil that really works? Let's find out.

The species of the fish from which the oil has been derived is of utmost importance. Not all kinds of fish are rich in Omega 3 fats, and even less so in DHA and EPA fats. Commonly used fish for extracting oil are salmon, cod, trout, and mackerel. These fish contain enough Omega 3 for our purposes. There is another, lesser known fish called the Hoki, which is even better in terms of Omega 3 content. This fish found in New Zealand is rich in DHA and contains EPA also in the right proportion.

Now, you might have been led to believe that EPA is the most important factor in choosing an EPA DHA fish oil. This belief is commonly propagated by fish oil manufacturers who are still behind the times. Fact is, latest research has shown it's DHA that is responsible for most of the beneficial effects of fish oil. So make sure the oil you has DHA as the major component, with EPA as the second largest one. Another factor that supports this ratio is, our body can convert DHA into EPA if required. The reverse process is not possible though. So we need to get all our DHA from external sources only.

Check the purity of the oil. Fish oil can contain impurities like lead and mercury that they absorb from the polluted ocean waters. A good oil would have been properly refined – preferably through molecular distillation. This is a complex and expensive process that only a few companies use to produce highly concentrated and pure oil.

A quality product will also be accompanied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA). Since this industry is not regulated by FDA, every company follows its own norms of purity and testing. A COA shows that the oil has been tested by independent laboratories and is a high quality product.

Now that you are aware of these factors, use them to evaluate your EPA DHA fish oil. A little upfront research can translate into a lifetime of trouble free health.

Source by Michael Holman

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