3 Ways to Get New Content Approved for Your Ezine Account


People create an article account in a bid to publish their articles. If one has a decent number of articles in directory, then that person will never be short of content writing job offers. Many articles directories give you maximum amount of exposure and you also get t earn decent amount of money. But publishing an article is not an easy task. So here are a few tips which will help you publish these articles very easily. These tips are some basic and simple things which people tend to forget while writing. They are also very easy to follow.

Firstly, you must write articles on topics which interest you or on topics which you have great knowledge. All your articles should have good quality information which will interest the readers. You do not really have to be bombastic. You must use simple language which is easy to understand. If you are using complicated technical terms, then you must provide their definition too in brackets. If the editor can not understand what you are talking about, he will just push your article away and work on others. So always try to use simple terms which are easy to understand. Simplicity attracts readers too and if your article is well appreciated, then there will be no dearth of jobs for you.

The next thing you must keep in mind is to keep your article free of grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes. This is a major turn off for most readers and editors. They will not continue reading your article if the first paragraph itself contains too many errors. If your articles are full of these mistakes, then they will be definitely rejected. Proof read your article at least twice before you hit the send button. Do not use long wind sentences. All the information should be short and accurate. Keep everything uncluttered and uncomplicated. Do not use any fancy text or graphics. Just ensure that your article is of good quality and it will be clearly published.

The third and the most important thing to keep in mind are to keep your articles authentic. Do not nick any information from blogs or articles of others. If you are accused of plagiarism, then your account will be suspended permanently. If you think that there is a bit of information which you have to use in your article and then provide a reference for the same. Copying even one statement from other source is not acceptable. If you are not an expert in a particular field, then it is best that you should not attempt that particular article. Comply with all the rules and regulations on their website and follow all the guidelines. So these are a few tips which will certainly help you get your article published on article directories. Follow these tips carefully and you will become a successful published author in article directories in on time.


Source by Neeraj Arora

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