3 Steps To Preventing Acne Scarring


Acne scarring is no laughing matter if you're like millions of adults and teenagers around the world who have this problem. In fact, you may be affected emotionally as a result of scars as well as the acne itself.

The condition of acne can affect your self-confidence in personal relationships as well as your confidence in all other areas of life. But what are the best ways to prevent scarring from occurring? Let's look at this question right here in this article.

Here are the 3 steps to preventing acne scars:

1. Prevent acne outbreaks from occurring.

You may have heard that prevention is by far and large the best cure for almost every problem. The same holds true for acne. By taking steps to prevent pimples from forming in the first place you can actively participate in the process of reducing, if not eliminating the severity of the scarring.

You will need to find an effective acne treatment to reduce or get rid of outbreaks to give your skin a chance to heal. Preventing or minimizing acne outbreaks is the most effective way of preventing scars.

2. Increase your skin's ability to heal itself.

We all know that a healthy body recovers more quickly than one that's less healthy. Since scarring is the result of the failure of tissue to properly heal itself, it makes sense that a healthy body could assist in the process. Because of this it is important that you take care of your body.

A few ways you can do this are by having a healthy, balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleep every night, drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily (this will also wash out toxins that can clog pores, which presents an optimal situation for acne to form), using oil free sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage, and avoiding smoking or being around cigarette smoke.

3. Looking after your skin properly when you do have acne.

When you have acne, treat it topically and do not pick at it. Picking at pimples, aggravates your skin, causing more pollution and damage, and introduces more toxins (from whatever you are using to pick with) into the damaged area. This is likely to increase the certainty of scarring.

So when an outbreak occurs, treat your skin gently. This means that you should wash and pat dry your skin instead of rubbing it. In fact, you should avoid rubbing your skin in your daily routine because rubbing stimulates sebum production which will worsen your acne.

So there you have it.

You now know the 3 steps to help prevent acne scars. Prevention is the best cure as it prevails the actual cause of the problem which is the acne. While having a healthy lifestyle, and looking after your skin well during outbreaks will help your skin heal faster and help reduce the likelihood of further damage and scarring.


Source by Matt Anderson

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