How to Open a Coconut

If you want to open a coconut and have never done it before, you may have some difficulties. First you need to drain coconut’s liquid. Find the three dents on coconut’s surface and poke a hole in them with a sharp object. For example, you can use a wine opener. Now turn the coconut upside […]

Coconut oil for better sports performance

Coconut oil is functional food because of its exquisite effect on human health and its nutritive values. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed these among other things related to coconut oil: it proved a fast source of energy, increases energy and endurance, improves physical and sports performance (one particular research confirmed that, under same amount of […]

14 Amazing Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil offers a vast variety of health benefits, it’s affordable and completely natural. All health benefits coconut oil provides us with come from its fatty acids and their antimicrobial, antioxidant, antibacterial and soothing properties. Acids found in coconut oil are lauric, caproic and caprylic. Coconut oil is consisted of over 95% of saturated fats, […]

Coconut Oil is an Easy Step Towards a Healthier Diet

Nowadays, coconut oil is an essential component of everyday diet for many athletes and people who are trying to lose weight. Main reason for that is that coconut oil contains less calories than other cooking oils, but some other advantages include faster conversion to energy and reduced fatty deposits accumulated inside blood vessels. Coconut oil […]

Coconut Oil and Nutrition

Coconut oil is extracted from peeled and dried coconuts. Out of many existing oils, coconut oil is the richest one in fatty acids. This is a sentence where you may stop and ponder. You have probably been warned all your life to avoid fatty acids. We have to agree with that attitude, but like it […]

7 Great Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

In Asian traditional medicine coconut oil is known as a natural remedy, but it can also be used for makeup removal, as well as a natural deodorant, anti-aging crème and as lip and hair balsam. Coconut oil stimulates growth of beneficial bacteria and acts as an antiviral agent. It’s a great ally if you’re trying […]

Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion for Body, Face and Hair

Here is a lotion made of five key ingredients, which you can use for your body, face and hair, and not have any second thoughts about what kind of product are you using. Coconut oil is regarded as one of the best natural oils for human hair since many centuries ago. It has also been […]

Coconut Oil for Thyroid Problems

There has been a lot of talking recently about coconut oil being the best natural remedy for thyroid problems. Today, we will give you some insight into whether this is true or not. One of tabloids this year has claimed that coconut is a miraculous cure which will alleviate all of your problems with thyroid […]